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You missed out!

100% Automated Forex & Gold EA That Makes You 25%-30% Profit / Month

Pay $97 In Month 1, Then After Month 1, The Price increases To  $147 Every Month.

Watch The Video To See How Easy It Is To Make Passive Income!

Pay $97 In Month 1, Then After Month 1 The Price Is $147 Every Month.

Your Next Steps...

Pay $97 In Month 1, Then After Month 1 The Price Is $147 Every Month.

Find Out What I'm Doing... You'll Be Shocked!!!

Pay $97 In Month 1, Then After Month 1 The Price Is $147 Every Month.

Click On The Pics Or Link Below To Check Our Live Audited Trading Results

Pay $97 In Month 1, Then After Month 1 The Price Is $147 Every Month.

Questions You Must Ask Yourself...

Are The HYIPS & Websites Promising Massive Returns But Land Up Stealing Your Money Working Serving You?

Are You Making More Money Than What The Financial Institutions Are Promising You?

Do You Have Full Control Over Your Money Right Now?

Do You Know Where Your Money is Currently Being Invested?

Is Your Money Invested Responsibly, Correctly & Wisely, With Your Current Financial Institution?

Does The Financial Institution You Have Invested With Have Your Best Interests At Heart?

If You Have Answered NO To Any Of The Above Questions Then You Need This Product!

Pay $97 In Month 1, Then After Month 1 The Price Is $147 Every Month.


Run & Control Your Money As YOU Feel Fit.

No Dictatorship On When, How Or If You Can Draw Your Capital Or Profit. Remain 100% In Control Of Your Profit & Profit Margins.

100% Of The Profit Is Yours.

No Commission, No Extra Charges.

24/7 Access To The Forex Market Via VPS.

24/7 Access To “The Best Forex EA Robot”.

Access To The 1,2,3, Paint By Numbers Wealth Blueprint.

Access To 5 Exclusive Telegram Channels & Groups (Telegram Is Like What’s app. Downloadable Chat Application).

Email, Live Chat, Telephonic & Any Desk Support During Office Hours.100% Transparency On Trades.

See Trades Live As They Happen

The Average Typical ROI (Return On Investment) Is Between 14% – 100% Per Month (After The Monthly Cost of The Bot).

Profit Depends On Market Volatility, Your Capital & Your Bot Configuration.

The Above Figures Are Based On Past Results & Are Typical.


Pay $97 In Month 1, Then After Month 1 The Price Is $147 Every Month.


What Strategy Does The EA Use?

A detailed description of the product.

"The Best Forex EA Robot" is a complicated piece of software that is installed on a VPN (Virtual Computer). The software uses the following parameters to trade. The VPN is accessed through Remote Desktop for Mac & Windows operating systems.

20 MA on 4H chart.
50 MA on 4H chart.
Ichimoku signal indicator.
Fibonacci signals.
Scalping Methodology.
Cost Averaging.

Can I Blow My Account?

We have an Equity Protection (EP) feature on the EA, which means that it is impossible to blow your account. 

How it works

You decide on your risk. If you decide that you only want to risk 10% of your initial capital or accumulated equity + profit, then setup the EP to 10%. When or if 10.01% of your total equity is used in open trades, the EP will automatically close all open trades in a loss. You lose 10% of your Equity. The EA reboots in 24 hours or you can reboot the EA manually. 90% of your Equity has thus been protected.

How is this better than stop loss?

Stop losses can fail!!

If the price opens above or below your stop loss (SL) line (called a gap up or gap down) then in effect the price has jumped over your protection & thus the SL has not activated. This is a sure fire way to blow your account. 

The EP is based on your Equity so blowing more than what you are prepared to risk is impossible

Do You Supply VPS?

The price includes a VPS. Once you buy the EA we will send you an email with the VPS login details.

To be able to link to the VPS, you'll need "Remote Desktop".

"Remote Desktop" Comes standard with Windows 10 Pro & Mac. Windows home edition does not support "Remote Desktop". If you have Windows Home, you'll need to upgrade your operating system.


Will I Make Profit Every Month?

No one can guarantee you will make a profit. This is not a pyramid scheme, scam or HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs).

Profit will depend on market volatility.

The 6 years history of the EA speaks for volumes.

A $1000 capital investment could yield up to 30% per month and more.

When Will I Be Billed?

Your billing date remains the same. If you registered on the 15th of the month, then your next billing date is on the 15th of the following month.

Computer Requirements

You can setup on a tablet but it's best to have a laptop / MAC or desktop.

Entry level computer is needed.
Windows 10 Pro or higher version (not Windows Home version).
Tablet running Win 10 Pro higher version.

Do You Have Investor Passwords?

Unfortunately, we do not give it out anymore as people just copy the trades and use screenshots of my results to sell their fake EA's. You can check the 6-year trading history above to verify.

We also post client results on our telegram channel regularly.

Join the Telegram group.

Telegram is an app you download to your phone, it's like WhatsApp but better & uses a lot less data than WhatsApp.

Step 1. You need to add me as a contact on Your phone. (Alan Solarsh +27764577444)

Step 2. On Apple device go to the app store or on android go to Google play store. Search for the Telegram App.

Step 3. You need to download and install the Telegram app to your phone/ laptop or tablet.

Step 4. Open telegram on your device & setup your telegram as per the instructions & prompts.

Step 5. Once you have done steps 1 - 4 above, come back to this message & click on the links below to join my telegram channel.

Step 6. after clicking on the link, locate the "Join Channel" Button, usually located at the bottom of the channel.


Click this link below to join the EA Telegram channel. When you are on the channel read the pinned post which is located on the banner.
(Under the name of the group.)

Am I Protected?

Both brokers that we use are registered with the IFSC. They are the financial ombudsman & governing body. Any complaint taken to the IFSC is taken seriously & investigated. If the forex company is at fault and the IFSC has ruled in your favour stating that the forex company needs to refund or compensate you, then the forex company by law has to comply or they face heavy penalties or license revoking.

Do You Offer Affiliate Commission?

We are not geared for affiliate commissions on the EA, but the broker has a very, lucrative, IB program where you will earn up to 45% of the spread, on every trade your clients place.

What Support Do You Offer?

Our robot is programmed for MT4. MT4 is preloaded on to the VPS for you. You can monitor your trades using MT4 on mobile or laptop / PC and Mac

What Trading Platform Does Your EA Work On?

Our robot is programmed for MT4. MT4 is preloaded on to the VPS for you. You can monitor your trades using MT4 on mobile or laptop / PC and Mac

What Support Do You Offer?

We have a website with all the training videos from setting up your forex account to setting up and trading with the EA. There are over 100 videos on our website so as for you to understand how everything works and to trade successfully, sustainably and with the correct wallet management. 

We also have a Discord community where we have paid administrators to answer your questions. Our paid admin staff are traders that use our EA. 

We can also ask our community for there settings to understand how they are achieving success. 

All after sales support is done on our Discord channels. 

I'm A Forex Dummy, Can I Still Use Your EA?

No forex knowledge is required. If you can Copy & Paste Drag & Drop you can use the EA. Once you buy the EA, you get free access to our "Learn To Read A Forex Chart" course, with a 3-hour voucher for private lessons worth $397.

Can I Cancel At Anytime?


You can cancel the subscription at any time. Just login to your Paypal account and cancel the subscription.

How Do I Pay?

All payments are done through PayPal for your protection.
You have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

If you live in Ghana or any other country that does not have PayPal, then we accept bitcoin, Perfectmoney or Wire transfers.

Alan Solarsh
Phone: +27 76 457 7444 (No WhatsApp)
Whatsapp: +27 64 554 8432
Telegram : http://tiny.cc/alansolarsh-telegram

Can I Use My Own Broker?

The EA is programmed to be used with 2 brokers only, FBS & PaXForex (PaxForex is for USA clients only).
If you have an FBS account, it's a simple process to get your account moved into our IB structure. If you can't get your account moved, then you can open a new forex account using our links below.

FBS = Go here and register your forex brokerage account

Is My Country Accepted?

The EA is programmed for the following 2 brokers only.

FBS broker supports all countries except Japan, USA, Myanmar, Brazil, Malaysia, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

If you are from the above countries, then you will use PaxForex.

Do You Have Testimonials?

My clients are making between 10-200% profit per month using my forex robot.

Want proof?

You can click here and watch the testimonial video interviews I have done with my clients.


We also have testimonials on Discord 
Join here https://discord.gg/YE2eqV6p

Minimum Investment

You can start with as little as $100 to test the EA. Then you can deposit more as you feel necessary.

Generally, the robot makes 14-30% profit after costs.

If you want to be profitable after robot costs, a deposit of more than $1000 is needed.

If you don't have the $100, here is my forex course to assist you in raising it.

If You Knew How To Read A Forex Chart & Understood Leverage Your Life Would Change.
No More Blown Forex Accounts.
Maximise Profits.
Profit From The Full Length Of The Trend.

Learn To Read A Forex Chart | COURSE & MENTORSHIP.

1. Learn and study Forex b4 you invest in it.
2. Practice consistently on DEMO b4 you invest real money with a reliable and trusted broker.
3. Adopt an adaptable pattern to trade.
4. Use your tools ( SL / TP) efficiently.
5. Don't be too greedy and negligent.
RISK MANAGEMENT is very important.
6. Cash in your gains and enjoy your profit.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full no questions asked money back guarantee within the 1st 7 days of purchase. This falls in line with the USA & RSA consumer protection laws.

What Type Of ROI (Profit) Can I Expect

My novice traders make 8-12% profit / month.
My more experienced traders make 12-30% per month.
You can view my audited results above. My results are typical.